29 June 2010

Time flies when you're super busy

I know, I know -- I promised I would write more.

Before you call me out, at least allow me to explain: I've been extremely busy. The wife and I are in the process of buying a house, and with all that comes the constant conversations with mortgage brokers, home builders, inspectors, etc. and the numerous headaches that go along with the process of buying the house, waiting on a closing date (which we're still doing, by the way), and getting prepared to move all of our stuff (my least favorite part of the whole process, because you never realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it all into a new place). So, needless to say, I've barely had time to think, much less sit down and write.

But I at least wanted to take some time to write something, if for nothing else but to add to the archives to show that I didn't disappear from the face of the earth during the month of June, 2010.

Hopefully I will be completely moved in by the end of next week, so I can get back to living an abnormal life, and hopefully I can be inspired to sit down and type out some more thoughts on the abnormalities of my abnormal self.

But first, I've got some more packing to do.

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