29 October 2010

Announcer goes nuts in pressbox

The video clip below is from the Florida Atlantic/Arkansas State football game last week. In the video, you can hear the FAU radio announcer losing his marbles because a penalty flag isn't thrown when FAU's quarterback was allegedly hit in the head while sliding for a first down.* If you listen carefully, you can hear him banging on the press box glass while shouting at the officials that they should throw a flag (as if they could hear him).

To me, the best part is when he says he will "fight the entire press box" over the call. Even more interesting: Arkansas State was winning 37-16 in the 4th quarter when the play happened, so it wouldn't have made much of a difference had they thrown the flag anyway.

*- I say allegedly because I have no video evidence. The clip doesn't show the call in question.

Anyway, you can watch it below.

Props to Yahoo! Sports blogger Dr. Saturday for providing the video.


  1. I just found my favorite announcer of ll-time!

  2. No joke. They should let this guy do the Super Bowl.