06 February 2010

I've found the perfect steak (and now I'm miserable)

I knew it would happen eventually: I finally found the perfect steak at a restaurant. I knew that if I went enough places and ate enough steaks I would eventually find one that was so close to perfection that nothing would ever again come close to reaching the bar that would be set by this wonderful creation.

I just never wanted it to happen.

Why? Why would I never want to find the perfect steak? It seems only logical that one would want to find perfection in something he loves. (And I do love some steak. No offense to any vegetarians or animal-rights people who may be reading this, but I love steak - it's one of the best things on earth.)

But, back to my original thought: why would I never want to find the perfect steak? I never wanted to find it because now I have peaked. I have no need to eat another steak for the rest of my life because it's all downhill from here. (It's not going to stop me, but now I will be eating them in vain because I will never get another one as good as the one I had tonight.)

What kind of steak was it? I'm glad you asked.

It was a filet mignon (of course - what else could it be?) from Yokoso (a Japanese steakhouse). It was cooked medium rare (the only way to eat a steak, in my opinion), and it was cooked perfectly. I have never had a steak in a restaurant that was genuinely medium rare. It's always medium, or medium well - but never quite medium rare. I don't know why either, it's not like medium rare is that hard to accomplish - but for some reason restaurants can't get it right.

Anyway, back to the steak.

It melted in my mouth like butter - I didn't even have to put any effort into chewing it because it was so tender. I didn't even have to dip it in the white sauce (which is saying a lot for me because I usually eat a gallon of the stuff when I eat Japanese steakhouse food). In fact, I took home an entire plate of rice because I didn't want to ruin the enjoyment of the steak by not eating every single morsel of it, and by the time I was finished enjoying my steak, I didn't want the rice anymore.

(Oh well, I guess I know what's for lunch tomorrow.)

To anyone out there reading this who is a steak-lover like me: don't waste your time trying to find the perfect steak. You won't like yourself after you do. Sure, the few moments you spend enjoying that steak will be some of the best moments of your life, but it's all downhill after that. Take it from me - someone who understands what it's like to find the perfect steak - and know that sometimes, perfection is best left as a dream.

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