20 February 2010

What Tiger should have done...

If I were Tiger Woods and were in the self-created situation he has been in for the past 4 months, my defense would be simple.

I would blame everything on Phil Ivey.

Why? For several reasons:

1. He is a poker player, so he has the potential to be shady.
2. He's not as popular, so people wouldn't care as much.
3. He's the long lost twin of Tiger - it would work.

You think I'm kidding? Tell me they weren't separated at birth.

Tiger should have come out at his press conference (which was a complete and utter failure, in my opinion) and said: "What are you guys talking about? I haven't done anything wrong - you must have me confused with Phil Ivey."

Problem solved. Mass crisis averted. Tiger returns to glory.

Meanwhile, back at the hall of justice, everyone wonders why we're making such a big deal about a poker player's infidelity.

It's a win-win situation (unless you're Phil Ivey).

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