02 March 2010

An interesting story of baseball and the swastika

While reading one of my favorite Red Sox blogs, I came across a story about a photo of Boston Braves shortstop Rabbit Maranville. In the photo, Maranville is wearing a cap with what appears to be a swastika sewn on the crown.

Keep in mind this was before Adolf Hitler completely ruined the image of the swastika - it has a history that goes back long before the Nazis tried to take over the world. For those interested in the history of the swastika, click here.

The blogger did some extensive research and dated the photo (it turns out the photo was taken in April 1914), along with what is believed to be the reason behind the swastika being on the cap. It's an interesting read, and if you have time or are interested in this sort of thing I suggest you take a look.

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